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Road Roller (Nscale 1/160th)

Road Roller (Nscale 1/160th)

24.90 / Euro29.13

Road Roller painted in yellow
Ready Made and Painted
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Painted Farm Hay Trailer with Hay ( N scale 1/160th)

Painted Farm Hay Trailer with Hay ( N scale 1/160th)

19.30 / Euro22.58

Ready Made and Painted
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Painted 3 Assorted Lorry loads ( N scale 1/160th)

Painted 3 Assorted Lorry loads ( N scale 1/160th)

15.60 / Euro18.25

3 different lorry loads
oil drums, wood & hay
Ready Made and Painted
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Painted Fordson Dexta ( N scale 1/160th)

Painted Fordson Dexta ( N scale 1/160th)

18.60 / Euro21.76

Painted in Fordson Light Blue
Ready Made and Painted
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Painted Ladder Set (N scale 1/148th)

Painted Ladder Set  (N scale 1/148th)

10.90 / Euro12.75

Ready Made and Painted
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Painted 16 x Oil Drums ( N scale 1/160th)

Painted 16 x Oil Drums ( N scale 1/160th)

12.90 / Euro15.09

Ready Made and Painted
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Newsletter - Special Offers

Newsletter - Special Offers

A Newsletter which informs you of new products and special offers
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Introduction To Langley Models Kits

Langley produce over 1000 kits in 00 ( 4mm=1 foot <person would be 23mm tall>, HO ( 3.5mm = 1 foot <person would be 21mm tall), Nscale (2mm = 1 foot <person would be 11mm tall>) 0 scale (7mm = 1 foot <person would be 40mm tall>) and 009 & 0/16.5 (00 and 0 scale narrow gauge).

Illustrated catalogues are available for each scale, see catalogue listing for prices.

The kits are cast in high quality metal alloys are intended for use by adults, they are not suitable for young children. Etched brass parts are also sometimes included for extra fine detail, and vacuum formed PVC for stone and brick work etc.


Each kit is supplied with full constructional details and an exploded diagram where applicable. Should any part(s) be damaged or missing please contact us direct stating which parts are concerned and giving the part number.

Simple tools are all that is required to assemble our kits. Useful tools would be a selection of Swiss files, a good sharp craft knife, a burnishing brush, wet and dry paper, glue or soldering iron plus a good selection of artists brushes. Although expensive a Badger Air Brush and an Expo modellers drill together with a selection of dentist's burrs ( ask him for his old ones! ) would prove invaluable.

Children's Plasticine can provide a useful "extra pair of hands", work it until soft, shape into an oblong and press parts into place, apply glue or solder and when dry remove from Plasticine.

Glue and Solder

a). Five minute Epoxy glue is ideal for most modellers as it allows time to adjust the parts during assembly. Its a high strength glue for almost all materials. Great for large items for its toughness. Available from most good model or hardware shops, you can also purchase from us.

b). Cyanoarcylic glue i.e. "Instant" glue can also be used, but the parts must be located exactly first time, as it sets in seconds. (Industrial or High Strength (such as Rocket) are the best type of this glue much stronger than standard cyno's)

c). Solder is best used not used by a beginner. The type we recommend for cast metal kits is low melt solder (e.g. Langley Super Low Melt Solder) using appropriate flux (e.g Langley Low Melt Solder Flux). Method is to build the solder above the joints like a weld seam, fusing each half together. The excess solder is then removed with a burr, file or knife and the item re-profiled. This method ensures a good, undetecable joint, but great care must be taken as the melting point of the solder is almost the same as the casting.

d). Muliticore 60/40 solder for brass etched kits. Its easy to use as you cannot metal brass with a soldering iron. DO NOT use Multicore on castings as the heat required will melt the castings.

Note: do Not use Instant (Cyanoacrylic) or petroleum based glue on the clear glazing as is can cloud the plastic. Resin W (woodworking glue), allowed to go sticky is best for screens as it dries clear. Any gap can be filled with watered down PVA glue (Resin W)


Any quality paint can be used e.g Humbrol, Gloy, Cherry etc. We do recommend that you use an undercoat e.g Holts Plus Body car undercoat, thinned if necessary, or a similar primer.

Tinlets of Humbrol paint in both gloss and matt are usually available from Langley.


Langley produce a range of waterslide transfers suitable for use with cabs, trailers, tankers and trucks, including B.R.S. with turquoise or dark cream roundels, Sunters/ Wynns/Ale, Pickfords etc. Both in this scale and in the larger 1/50th scale.

About Us

Established in the mid 1960's Langley Models manufacturers and supplies Miniature Model Kits, we are a familiy run business specialising in Railway, Railroad models from locomotives, rolling stock, wagons, including all accessories such as stations, telephone boxes station benches, street lamps, signal lights, post boxes, figures of passengers and porters and much more besides. Newer ranges of Toy soldiers 'Boys of the old Brigade' were we make figurines in Britions Toy Soldier style these are collectable boxed and limited edition.

We have trucks, lorries, buses, cranes, figures of people and animals, horse drawn vehicles, gardeners, builders, policemen, fireman, mothers with prams to name but a few.

Canal boats, fishing boats, and ships of many styles. Setting up a port scene? we have all the accessories you will need from rope to chains, crates, Dockers. For the canal boat scene we also have the locks and scenic features to compliment.

Scenes with Circus, Fairgrounds or Zoo's, with all the accessories that compliment them, such as zoo keepers, clowns, all required animals, dodgems, waltzer and most other fairground rides and side stalls.

Our catalogue (s) (seperated into scales) are vast and covers a wide time scale from Roman Soldiers to Fantasy in our Military and Toy Soldier section. Victorian scenes including buildings and horse drawn carts. We supply and make model kits right up to and including the 21st Century.

How to Operate This Shop

On entering the shop you will be presented with our main overall sections. The menu you see now on your left will always remain in view whilst browsing and shopping through this site, the one difference to note is when you are actually in the shop the top of the menu will offer shop operation links, such as viewing or editing your cart, searching for products and the checkout.

The menu on the left displays a sample of direct links to our products by scale To see the full range in this scalenclick the main title of the area you are interested in.

When you are in your desired section you can scroll the pages up and down to select the item of interest. First you will see a full description of the item and a picture. If you wish to order / buy this item simply click add to cart.

If you select add to cart you will be taken to a screen that states you have an orderline added, here you can select the quantity of this item you require. If there is no more shopping to be done simply add the amount and press "Checkout Now" (at the top of the page) you will be taken to the payment section on our secure order form. (128 bit encryption). Here you may select payment by card, telephone card details through (computer will give you an invoice number just quote this and the card details when you call), payment by cheque (computer will send an invoice with an address to send the cheque we'll process your order ready for when the cheque arrives) and finally payment by one of our Gift Vouchers. (i will contact you to ask the voucher reference number to mark as used on our files)

You can view your cart and remove items anytime by selecting the view cart button you will see what is currently in your basket - (Description & Quantity), here you have the option of removing any item.

When you have finished adding items to your basket, select go to checkout and you will be presented with your current order details as confirmation this is indeed what you wish to order.

On entering the Checkout form please read all information carefully and complete all boxes that are relevant to you and your order. Please pay particular care to your email address & payment details.

Once completed - " Click Next" All this information will go through a secure server and automatically encrypt your credit card for extra security. You will be taken to your invoice and also receive an email shortly afterwards explaining what you have ordered and how to contact us if there are any mistakes.

We hope this guide has been helpful and that you enjoy online shopping with us, we are here to help if you have any problems, no matter how small we want to know our address can be found at the bottom of every page under the main menu.

US Dollar Exchange

Currently from 2/04/19 the currency conversion is 1.30 Dollars to £1.00
We have to charge payments in Pounds your Credit/Payment Card bank then automatically converts this into Dollars at the current daily exchange rate. So to estimate the charge in Dollars multiply the £ by 1.30 to get a good estimate of your US Dollar charge

Contact Us Page

Langley Miniature Models
166 Three Bridges Road
West Sussex
RH10 1LE
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01293 516329
Fax: 01293 403955
Shop Hours : Monday to Friday 9-5 (Wednesday 9-1pm)
During Many weekends we are at Exhibitions showing Langley Products, we may be at a show near you soon. Come in and have a look.
Telephone 0044 1293 516329
Fax: 0044 1293 403955

Postage Charges

Postage Charges
UK Mainland Choice of Shipping Speed

Orders under £40 is £4; orders over £40 Postage is Included (no extra charge) claims for loss will be done yourself (we will supply claim forms, certificate of postage and invoice to allow you to claim) or see tracked mail

Tracked orders under £40 is £5.75 over £40 is £1.75 (we claim for loss/damage to packet on your behalf.

Next day carrier orders UK Mainland under £40 - £6.95 upto £120 is £8.95 (we claim for loss or damage of packet on your behalf). (UK Mainland Only)
(Please email for prices for Highlands and Islands.)

European Union EU

Orders Value (Incl P+P) £0 - 40 - £6
Orders Value £40 - 60 - £5
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Over £250 by arrangement Carrier at cost.